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No Dig Pipe Repair and Pipe Re-Lining Service in Florida


It is no longer required to dig up landscaping, tear up flooring, cutting down trees, destroying parking lots and driveway because no excavation is required when using no dig pipe lining. We use a unique process call cured in place pipe. This patented system allows us to repair your sewer pipes, drain pipes and other pipes fast and without causing destruction. Not only do you save money using the pipe lining process but you also save money because there is no repairs needed after we are finished repairing your pipes.


The average no dig pipe lining job takes one day. A typical Florida pipe repair / pipe replacement job can take weeks to complete including repairs to homes, business, landscaping, streets and driveways making no dig / no excavation pipe repair the easy choice.


We use Perma-Liner products and all pipe lining technicians are trained and have significant experience using these products in Florida. Our company can handle jobs of any size from one foot to a few hundred feet.





Why use no dig trenchless pipe lining?


1. Pipe Lining materials last over 50 years and prevent root damage and future leaks at connection points.


2. No damage is done to your property (streets, driveways, flooring, landscaping, lawns, sidewalks and walls).


3. Cost savings; no repairs needed, almost no downtime for business owners and the process is cheaper and lasts as long.


4. No dig pipe lining is fast; most jobs completed the same day.



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Recent Project: Residential Home Pipe Lining


Condominium Pipelining Project

Main Sewer Line Cracked

Trenchless Pipe Repair for Condo
Location: Miami, Florida - Miami Dade County


We receieved a pantic call from a property manager for a Miami condominium. The property manager informed us that the main sewer line was backed up. We dispatched 2 pipe lining technicians to perform an emergency inspection. The pipe lining tech performed a full sewer line pipe inspection using CCTV video inspection. The pipe was severely damaged and multiple cracks were seen as well as severe corrosion and joint leaks. The pipelining technician recommended trench less pipelining to reduce downtime and to avoid having to destroy the landscaping for these beach front condominiums. Our mobile pipelining team was dispatched onsite and a trenchless job was performed without any problems. We performed a full inspection and it was determined that our installation / re-lining was succesful. The property manager was ecstatic that we didn't have to tear up the ground and the job site was left clean without a mess or any property damage from digging. We aim for a clean work site that looks like we were never there and we take the time needed to get it right the first time. Our plumber/pipe lining techs are all certified and they are constantly being educated on new techniques. We take pride in being the best pipelining company in all of Florida and it shows.


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