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Repair Broken Pipes Without Digging - CIPP Trenchless Pipe Lining


We have a solution that makes digging or excavating to repair a broken pipe a thing of the past. Our CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) system allows us to repair almost any type of pipe (clay, PVC, iron, lead) without having to dig up your yard, driveway, flooring, home or business concrete slab / foundation. The product we use lasts a minimum of 50 years and protects your plumbing pipes, sewer lines, septic pipes, swimming pool pipes and water pipes from futures cracks, root intrusion and corrosion.


Installation is fast and usually can be done in one day. First we start by performing a video inspection of the broken or cracked pipe using CCTV cameras. Next we clean / jet the pipe to clean out damage pipe fragments, corrosion and roots. After the pipe is cleaned we install the pipe liner, which is filled with a custom epoxy / resin mix that will fill in any cracks and create a seamless pipe inside your existing pipe. The next step is to wait for the curing process to complete which takes 3 hours. The final step is to perform another video inspection of your new rehabilitated pipe and turn the water service back on for live testing.


The entire procedure takes place without causing any damage to your home or business, so no contractors are needed to repair the damage that is normally cause by digging or excavating.


CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) pipe lining and pipe repair can be used in almost any type of structure, soil and climate. We commonly CIPP for Florida hotels, restaurants, condominiums, apartments, homes, business complexes, municipalities (roads, manholes, sewers, storm drains) and other businesses.



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Type: Broken pipe repair - CIPP Pipe lining

Problem: Broken pipe under apartment parking lot
Location: Daytona Beach, FL - Volusia County

Our dispatch received a call from an apartment complex in Tampa, Florida. Several units with complaining of clogged toilets and sinks not draining properly. We sent a tech out to assess the problem. After multiple attempts to clear a possible blockage the tech decided to perform a video inspection. We used our camera snake to perform a video inspection of the plumbing system. The technician found severe pipe damage from local landscaping roots and a pipe repair was necessary. The apartment manager decided to go with trenchless pipe repair (pipelining) to fix the root infested pipe. Trenchless pipelining is the generally the best option available for apartment complexes and in this situation it was highly recommended due to the pipe placement. The apartment owner would have had to tear up a significant section of a parking lot if they wanted to do a traditional repair. We then sent out our mobile pipe lining team to take the measurements of the pipes and prepare the material to perform a pipelining job on the pipe. We allowed 3 hours for the pipeliner to cure and then performed another video inspection. The owner was thrilled and he not only saved tens of thousands of dollars, but he also had his sewer line working the same day.


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We can repair pipes without replacement, drive way pipe repair, re-line, rehab, repair pipes underneath your home, business or property without digging. Driveways, sidewalks, concrete foundations, roads, streets, slabs and other residential and commercial applications.



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