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Concrete Slab Leak Repair Pipe Lining - Trenchless No Digging or Excavation - Leak Detection


Concrete slab leaks are a very common plumbing problem here in Florida and in the past the only option was to excavate / dig and replace damaged pipe, and repair the foundation above the concrete slab leak. There is now a great alternative we offer called pipe lining. The process is faster, cheaper, lasts longer and causes no damage to your foundation or concrete slab. The first step is locating the concrete slab leak using electronic leak detection which is performed using our advanced leak detection equipment and a master plumber. After the leak is detected under your concrete slab / foundation we install the CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe). This product lasts a minimum of 50 years and seals the pipe using an epoxy resin and reinforced pipe liner that meets ASTM F1216 specifications. This liner prevents future leaks, root intrusion, cracks and corrosion. Once the CIPP pipe liner is installed and cured (3 hours) the pipe is inspected and water is turned back on.



Signs of a Slab Leak


1. Cracks in wall or ceilings.


2. Moldy / Musty Odors


3. Moist, warm spot on floor or stains coming up on flooring.


4. Unexpected water bill increases.


5. Water seeping in from walls or flooring.


6. Dirty water, sandy water or bad tasting water.


7. Low water pressure, that usually gets worth with time.



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Recent Project: Concrete Slab Leak Repair - Pipe Lining


Type: Concrete Slab Leak Repair - Pipe Lining

Problem: Dirty water with sand in it and low pressure. Living floor and wall wet and molding.
Location: Orlando, Florida - Orange County


Customer called in complaing of sandy water and low water pressure. We dispatched a plumber to inspect the plumbing system and perform video inspection. Upon arrival our plumber asked some questions and found out that the home had a wet spot on a living room wall and the carpet was moist. The customer thought they had a roof problem, but this is a major sign of a concrete slab leak, along with sandy water. Our plumber performed a full inspection and electronic leak detection which found a major leak under the living room concrete foundation. The customer decided to avoid tearing up their living room floor with jack hammers and to have CIPP pipe lining performed instead. Our pipe lining team was dispatched and arrived the next day to perform the CIPP process. After installation was completed and video inspection of the re-lined pipe was confirmed good, the water service was turned on and tested throughout the home. A final leak detection was later performed and no leaks were found.


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Concrete Slab Leak Repair