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Municipal Pipe Lining Services - Municipal CIPP - Trenchless Pipe Rehab / Repair


We offer a wide range of pipe lining services to Florida municipalities that allow you to repair and rehabilitate your existing underground sewer, drains and water pipes. It is no longer necessary to replace damaged underground pipes, excavate roads, sidewalks and buildings. We offer the alternative called CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe). This technology is in use all over the country in many municipalities and we use the best liners and resins available. The liners we use meet ASTM F1216 specs and are the only lateral pipe liners approved by the Los Angeles, California Department of Building and Safety.


Many Florida municipalities are discovering that existing sewage, water and storm drain pipes are starting to fail. Most of these failing pipes are cracked, have root growth coming through, separating or failing joints and corrosion. These failing underground municipal sewer lines, storm drains and water lines are only getting worse. We have the solution.




Pipe Lining CIPP Process for Florida Municipalities


1. Perform video inspections of sewer lines, storm drains, manholes or water pipes.


2. Clean out pipes that are being rehabilitated including debris removal, root growth removal and corrosion.


3. Mix epoxy and resins. Cut pipe liners to correct length.


4. Install the epoxy/resin impregnated pipe liners into the damaged pipe.


5. Let rehabilitated pipes cure / dry for 3 hours.


6. Video inspection and testing.




Common Florida Municipal Pipe Lining and Pipe Repair Services


1. Sewer line rehab and repair.


2. Storm drain repair and rehab.


3. Manhole rehabilitation and lining.


4. Water line pipe repair and rehab.


5. Underground pipe repair.

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We can handle all pipe lining, pipe repair needs for Florida governments and municipalities. We specialize in government pipe lining and government pipe rehab. Sewer pipe, sewer lines, drains, storm drains, water mains, reclaimed water pipes and more.















Municipal Pipe Lining